Pineapple smoothie with Soy Milk

I recently had this smoothie in one of my friend’s house. I could never imagine a smoothie with pineapple some how. I was little skeptical initially, but wow, it tasted great, a definte keeper.

Pineapple – 1/2
almonds – handful
soy milk – 2 cups

1. Roughly chop the pineapple into small pieces after removing the core.
2. Soak the almonds for couple of hours and drain.
3. Blend pineapple, almonds, 1/3rd of milk in a blender.
4. After the pineapple pieces are ground , add the rest of the milk, run the blender on high for few seconds and voila, yummy smoothie is ready.

1. No need to add any sugar generally but for people with more sweeter taste, go ahead and add required quantity.
2. If there is not enough time to soak the almonds, try a handful of cashews or sliced almonds.
4. You can alter the quantity of milk to requirement.

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