About my cooking ….

I am a proud mother of two kids – 61/2 and 21/2 year old.  I am a software engineer by profession. I am a very passionate cook.  I would love to entertain with different kinds of food for my guests.  I would like to try variety on a day to day basis also.  I had not entered into the kitchen arena before marriage and was forced to cook after coming to the US.  Ignorant me, I was not bothered and started learning from my grand mother one recipe at a time.  But, my kind aunt gave me a pleasant surprise on the day I was boarding the aircraft.  She gave me three bound notebooks had written full of all recipes starting from everyday Idli, Dosa to Puddings, Cakes, Murukkus and Burfis.  Though I have tried lot of her recipes, there are lot more to keep me occupied for days.  She inspired me to cook.  My cooking blog is dedicated to her. Also, I am very thankful to my grand mother whose skills have been praised so many times and I believe that her skillful cooking was another inspiration.  Speaking of inspirations, my mother has inspired me in her own ways.  She is blessed with the ability to be superfast and daring/ daring.  She has taught me over the years lots of shortcuts to traditional recipes and have taught me so many things.

My cooking is kind of traditional and I try cooking foods that is really high on the nutritional value.  I am presenting some of the recipes that I do in my kitchen day in and day out , nothing extraordinary, all simple day to day cooking.  Hopefully, you all will enjoy reading my blog.


3 thoughts on “About my cooking ….

  1. Laksh says:


    Thanks for stopping by! Reading your about page, I could relate to a lot you say. Isn’t it funny how we never thought of cooking till we moved away from home and now have a passion for it? Here’s to many more recipes from you.


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